Dentistry is America’s Best Job

The U.S. News & World Report has once again listed the #1 best job in the U.S. as being a dentist and I totally agree.  In general, I don’t take these lists very seriously because, really, any job that you love will be the “best job” for you. What do I love about my job? The Patients:  I love meeting people … Read More

Triclosan in the Dental Office

Big news. The FDA has issued a ruling that consumer hand washes cannot market triclosan and other antibacterial agents in soaps because manufacturers cannot prove that those agents make their soaps more effective than regular soap and water. Furthermore, manufacturers cannot prove their safety with daily use. Scientists and informed consumers have long been aware that the anti-bacterial craze has … Read More

Studies Show That Flossing Is Basically Useless

August must be the sacrificial month for dentists. There are these articles in all sorts of publications, like the New York Times, NPR, and Washington Post, saying that there’s no proof that flossing works. Whaaaa???? That is the sound of your dentist crying in defeat, by the way. Really sad. My hygienists are so mad, they’re like, slashing tires in … Read More