Patient Newsletter of Your Dreams

What rhymes with phone booth, dry vermouth, and bloom of youth?  SNAGGLETOOTH! The best patient newsletter EVER from your favorite dentist is back for summer and it is full of SO MUCH AMAZING information for you to attract friends, win at love, and make a ton of money.  Make dreams happen today (if you want). Click here to download your FREE … Read More

Triclosan in the Dental Office

Big news. The FDA has issued a ruling that consumer hand washes cannot market triclosan and other antibacterial agents in soaps because manufacturers cannot prove that those agents make their soaps more effective than regular soap and water. Furthermore, manufacturers cannot prove their safety with daily use. Scientists and informed consumers have long been aware that the anti-bacterial craze has … Read More

Open Bite – Esthetic Fix

Once again, simple composite saves the day. There were several ways to treat this but this was the perfect treatment for this patient. #smilehighclub

Composite Makeover

This smile is ready to rock the summer! No anesthetic needed and no drilling of the teeth. Just composite bonding on the upper and lower anterior teeth. Conservative dentistry with thrilling results.  #rockthesmile #biggerwhiterbrighter #smilemakeover

Photo From Instagram

My 3.5 year old in her best product promo shot. When @beautycounter came out with a sunscreen stick in a Sweet Tooth scent, I had to buy it. Vera's verdict? "It smells like candy!" #supermom #winning #sweettooth #nocavitiesclub #beautycounter

What We Do at Dental Conventions

Sarah, Brock, and Anna getting ready for a day of Invisalign training at the Star of the North dental convention.  #snaggletooth

Photo From Instagram

Showing off their favorite Oral B electric toothbrush heads… Brock favors the Sensitive while Sarah prefers the Cross Action.Every day, we are converting more patients to using the electric toothbrush and everyone is experiencing positive results. Less plaque, less calculus, less gingivitis, less bleeding…more awesome healthy teeth and gums!!! If you haven't converted yet, we are carrying the Oral B … Read More