Toothy Illustrations from DC Ice

So excited to light up your feed with the amazing illustrations of She has created a series of dental stories and memories for us. Like them, share them, and follow her! #dentalarts #zeisdental #dcice #tbt #diydentistry

Live from Scottsdale!

Dentistry is a small world. I ran into these wonderful classmates today: dentist Neil Keane and orthodontist Cassie Zirbel.  #umndentistry #moostower

82 Degree Dentistry

If only the we had that smell-o-vision…Scottsdale’s parfum is a heavenly jasmine. I’m here for a 3-day workshop at the Spear Institute in AZ to learn from the best and geek out on dentistry for a bit.  #speareducation #82degrees

Art-tacular Offerings in the Works

We are loving this new gouache from! Thank you so much! Patients will be able to enjoy this one in Paulette’s room. DC is a super talented illustrator based in St. Paul. We are also *so* excited to let you know about a special artistic collaboration that she will be releasing for us in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!  … Read More

Two Minute Timers for Kids

Ask your child how long two minutes is and you might get a surprisingly existential answer. But throw this sand timer in front of them and they will brush ’til the last piece of sand drops down. We have these colorful timers now for all our little patients.  #theresanappforthat #2min2x #sugarbugsgobyebye

Are X-rays OK For Young Children?

Q:  Are x-rays OK for young children?  A: Dentists use x-rays on children to detect decay, track tooth development, and find abnormalities in the roots or bone structures. The radiation used for dental x-rays has always been minimal, comparable to spending a day out in the sun. With digital x-rays and sensors, the radiation has decreased exponentially. That being said, … Read More

The Dentist as a Molar

The Molar strikes back! Today, Jessica and I visited Casa de Corazón in Edina, where my daughter is enrolled. The children were amazing! Some told me that they are brushing their teeth five times daily and flossing three times daily. Adults, you need to follow their examples! I debuted some new dance moves and the crowd went wild.  Visit our … Read More

Mr. Molar and the Flossers

Mr. Molar and our dental hygienists visited the Especially for Children daycare next door and talked about keeping teeth healthy. The children were incredibly smart–they knew to brush 2x a day and how to floss. They had some good questions and thought Mr. Molar was very cool.