The U.S. News & World Report has once again listed the #1 best job in the U.S. as being a dentist and I totally agree.  In general, I don’t take these lists very seriously because, really, any job that you love will be the “best job” for you.

What do I love about my job?

  1. The Patients:  I love meeting people and I learn so much from every patient I have.  When I look at my schedule each morning to see who’s coming in, I see much more than just the patient’s name and the procedures they’re coming in for.  I see them:  “back from Florida,” “finished with finals,” “caring for her husband,” or “just started a new job.”
  2. The Work:  Dentistry is a job for the brain and the hands.  There is something very satisfying about working with your hands to create a finished product.
  3. The Future:  Technology has been advancing rapidly in dentistry and this has kept the profession dynamic.  Digital dentistry, in the form of 3D imaging, CAD/CAM design, and 3D printing, has arrived and dentists are discovering innovative solutions to deliver dentistry to patients in ways that are more convenient, comfortable, and precise.

I find dentistry challenging, rewarding, and thrilling.  Of course there are some bad days and times when I wish I could just hide behind a computer screen, but those moments are rare.  I have a great team of smart and fun people who also share my love for patients and dental technology.  Together, we will bring joy to the world, one tooth at a time!



October 14, 2015

Photo From Instagram

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National Boss Day is this Friday but the staff here couldn't help themselves. They love their great boss and treated me to all my favorites: donuts, coffee, beer, chocolate, and flowers. I feel like Homer Simpson at the prom....

January 15, 2016

Lollipops from the Dentist?

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Are you confused when your dental office gives you a lollipop? We pass out these fruity Dr. John’s suckers because they contain xylitol and they taste great! Inside your mouth, bacteria ingest sugars and create a sticky cavity-causing su...