Zeis Dental - First Dental Visit


Q:  When should I bring my child in for the first dental appointment?

A:  Within 6 months of the first tooth coming in. Just like those pre-natal exams and health check-ups you have at the medical office, the early visits are full of information for parents as their children grow and pass through stages of development. This is a good opportunity for you to talk to your child about teeth, how to keep them healthy, and what the dentist does. The trips to the dental office help acquaint your child to the office and the staff. You’re going to have questions and concerns, too.

While we may not do a cleaning on a 2 year old, we will look inside their mouth and count their teeth. This depends, of course, on the child and whether they will open their mouth for us. Most children are ready to sit in the chair and have their first cleaning by the age of 3.

At Zeis Dental, we want to create positive experiences for children at the dental office.  We do not force children to open their mouths, nor do we hold them down.  It is important that children trust us and understand that we are helpers in maintaining their well-being. We do that by talking to children directly, kindly, and honestly.

Going To The Dentist

We also have fun! We have been sending out this Usborne book to our youngest patients called “Going to the Dentist.” Reading about the dental office is a great way for you to prepare your child for the first visit. In this particular book, there is a duck hiding on each page for kids to find. Isn’t that fun?  Kids always receive a small toy at their cleanings and get to choose a special toothbrush before they leave.

I absolutely adore children and, as a mother of two young ones, I promise you that I care for all my young patients as if they are my own.