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Thanks, Dr. Larry Schroeder! Larry stopped by for some teeth beautifying treatments yesterday and dropped off this beautiful terrarium. Thank you, Larry!!! When Larry retired four years ago, I purchased his practice. The first few months were terrifying! No sleep, paranoid, and paralyzed by all the decisions I had to make. I was afraid the patients wouldn’t like me, the staff would hate me, and I would drive the business into the ground. I had a few close calls but thankfully there were some great people (actually, SO MANY) around to support me. Thinking about those days makes me so grateful for today: the best patients and the best team ever make going to work seem like checking into a social club! (Not great enough to work Fridays, though…)


October 14, 2015

Photo From Instagram

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National Boss Day is this Friday but the staff here couldn't help themselves. They love their great boss and treated me to all my favorites: donuts, coffee, beer, chocolate, and flowers. I feel like Homer Simpson at the prom....

January 15, 2016

Lollipops from the Dentist?

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Are you confused when your dental office gives you a lollipop? We pass out these fruity Dr. John’s suckers because they contain xylitol and they taste great! Inside your mouth, bacteria ingest sugars and create a sticky cavity-causing su...