Experience modern dentistry with a refreshingly old-fashioned sensibility.

Trust, communication, and a shared vision for health are ideals that we practice every day with our patients. We believe that the best care results when we know our patient as a person, so don't be surprised when we start your appointment with a conversation about you and your life.

Zeis Dental is a general dental practice, located in Bloomington, MN. Dr. Nancy Zeis and her staff care for patients of all ages from the neighborhoods of Bloomington, Edina, Minneapolis, and surrounding areas.

Zeis Dental offers comprehensive care for all your dental needs, including: dental cleanings, digital x-rays, periodontal care, fillings, crowns, dental implants, and cosmetic services to improve your smile.

If you’d like to improve your smile or find the best care for your teeth, call our office today for an appointment. Our dental office welcomes all patients and loves seeing children!

Kind, compassionate, and warm service that always ends in top-notch care.”


“A patient asked me if I knew of a vegan toothpaste with fluoride. Hmm… JASON Powersmile toothpaste. SLS-free. No animal testing. And - this is important - it contains fluoride. Other companies that don’t test on animals: Tom’s of Maine and Nature’s Gate.”